What information does each list include?

We offer more than just a real estate agent email list. Each list provides full contact information for all actively licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents in Florida. Each list will include: name, phone, business address and email. 

What can I use the lists for?

Because each list contains full contact information, we encourage our customers to have a multi-pronged marketing approach. With the information on our lists you will be able to do email marketing, direct mail marketing, and telemarking. 

Why are the lists sold by County?

The feedback from our customers has been that a Statewide list would be too expensive and unnecessary since most businesses operate within a certain radius and target Real Estate Agents from specific Cities or Counties. 

How to do I get the list?

Once you make the purchase, a downloadable link will be available immediately. The file is provided in an excel file and will be readable on both MAC and Windows computers. 

How often do you update the lists?

A new list for each county is generated every 30 days.